Offshore Banking Destinations – Clearstream Bank, Swiss Banks and Cayman Banks

Swiss BanksFor businesses or investors planning to invest in foreign securities or bonds and gain significant profits, it is important that they have a system in place that provides reliable post-trading services. One such provider is Clearstream bank. Established in the year 2000 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Borse Group, Clearstream is one of the leading European suppliers handling post-trading services.

Whenever any company is trading in stocks or bonds, it is important that the securities are successfully and swiftly delivered between trading parties without causing any delay, a process that is termed as securities settlement and clearance or post-trading services. This is exactly the profile of Clearstream that helps in managing, safeguarding and administering securities on behalf of its customers. With more than 2,500 customers spread over 110 countries, Clearstream Bank is one of the most reputable and reliable offshore service providers located in Luxembourg.

With the global economic situation being relatively fragile, many countries are no longer allowing non-resident foreigners to open bank accounts without revealing their complete personal information. In this regard, it is becoming extremely difficult for many investors to invest in foreign markets and gain maximum profits. One way of avoiding any such inconvenience is to opt for private offshore banking through Swiss banks.

Considered by experts as home for the most advanced and sophisticated banking industry in the world, Switzerland has always been recognized as an epitome of excellence with respect to offshore banking operations. In fact, Switzerland’s offshore banking network is the largest in the world that promises reliability, security, confidentiality and flexibility when it comes to managing customer’s wealth and assets. At present, there are more than 400 Swiss banks located in Switzerland. Interestingly, all these banks are connected with each other and information regarding each of them can be obtained through directory Swiss banks present on the internet. Some of the offshore services provided by Swiss banks include offering a variety of bank accounts to customers depending on the needs, diversified investment options and insurance. Also, one can even have access to one’s own account through advanced internet banking system. Switzerland Internet Banking System is an easy-to-use and extremely convenient system that allows customers manage all their banking needs just with a click. Also, one can even combine Swiss banks and Ira’s so as to earn maximum gains as the interest earned on money deposits present in Swiss offshore accounts is entirely tax-free.

Apart from Clearstream bank in Luxembourg and Swiss banks, Grand Cayman Islands are another banking jurisdiction being considered as the next possible destination for offshore banking.  Considered as the fifth largest offshore financial centers in the world behind Switzerland, Panama, and Luxembourg, Cayman Islands is home to almost 400 banking institutions and thousands of offshore companies.  Cayman banks provide a wide range of offshore services in several aspects such as banking, investment, insurance, legal support and other associated services like loans, foreign exchange, letters of credit and mortgages.

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