Bali Money is more known by Australians than Dollar

Bali MoneyThe exchange rate is also known as foreign exchange in finance is an agreement known as the exchange rate of the current payment now or in the future, between the two currencies of each country or region. The exchange system is expressed by the statement that the magnitude of the unit of “currency” which can be purchased from 1 fragment “currency units” (also referred to as the ” base currency ” ) . For example, in a piece mentioning that the EUR – USD exchange rate is 1.4320 (1.4320 USD per EUR ) , which means that the fragment is in USD currency with the use of a fragment of the base currency value is EUR

Bali is one of favorite tourist destination place especially for Australian. As information, the currency for them is not known as Rupiah, but Bali Money. Yes, for Australians, Bali term money is better known as the Indonesian currency. This is evident from one of the counter currency exchange or money changer located in Perth Airport, Australia. At the airport it says’ Buy Cell Bali money safe and commission free. Exchange’s over $ 100 receive $ 0 commission on your purchase when Indonesian Rupiah U.S. Dollars for your Cell visa on arrival in Bali. The currency exchange counter is holding a promotion. Everyone who wanted to exchange a dollar currency to Rupiah will not be taxed. Though it is usually every currency exchange charge 8 to 12 Australian Dollars.

In the booth plastered many papers that promotion. Even on the right side of the window it says promo greater. But at the moment I’m reading across the counter, seems Australians or residents of other countries who exchange their money into Rupiah or Bali money. Australians know more about Bali than Indonesia names.

If you want to go to Bali, you have to find good currency exchange agency. It is better to exchange your currency in Australia, before you departed. Do not take cash too much for better security reason. And happy holiday with your family.

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